Industrial Vision Solutions

Bildverarbeitungslösungen für industrielle Anwendungen


IVS3225 camera with integrated lens, flash light, flexible camera mount with M6 thread for easy mounting.

Choose the optimal combination of image resolution, speed, housing and price from a palette of a few dozens of supported camera models. All cameras can be directly connected to my camera systems. They support external triggers, external flash lights, partial scann and have a progressive scann  image sensor. Depending on the camera model the cameras can take up to 100 full images per second. Using partial scann mode the image rate per second can be some hundred images/s.
Cameras for rough environments (IP 65 / IP 67) are available in many variations.
GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) cameras can be connected to the camera system using network cables of the length of up to 100m.
Some cameras have an integrated LED flash light.

More information on request

- Kamerasysteme
- Identifikationssysteme
- Lesesysteme, Datamatrix,
  Barcodes, OCR, OMR
- Inspektionssysteme
- Optische Qualitätskontrolle
- Optische Vermessung
- Druckqualitätskontrolle
- Vollständigkeitsprüfung
- Überwachung
- Postverarbeitung,
- Dokumentenverarbeitung
- Dokumentenabgleich
- Postsortierung
- Selektive Beilagen
- Read & Print
- Lettershop-Bedarf
- Adressenerfassung
- Produktionsreport
- Blitzbeleuchtung,
- optische Maschinensteuerung


- Camera systems
- Identification systems
- Reading systems, Datamatrix,
  Barcodes, OCR, OMR
- Inspection systems
- Optical quality assurance
- Optical measurement
- print quality assurance
- Completenes check
- Surveillance
- Mail processing, mail machining,
  mail inserter
- Document processing
- Document matching
- Mail sorting
- Selective inserts
- Read & Print
- Lettershop supplies
- Address capture
- Production report
- flash illumination,
  LED illumination for machinevision


Available Accessoires

- External LED flash lights, (on request: for almost all standard cameras, special assembly)
- Optics, C-Mount lenses and others
- Flexible camera mounts, many versions
- Photo cells
- camera cables

More information on request


An electronic CAM switch which generates up to 14 output signals from up to three resolvers and two photo cells can be used to generate triggers and control signals for a PLC or PC. In can be programmed via the USB connector using the inkluded software.

More information on request

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